Cimone's Unlimited

Tailoring and Alterations

Pant Alteratons

Hem ----------------------------------------$9.00
Hem w/cuff --------------------------------$12.00
Lined --------------------------------------$14.50
Lined w/cuff -------------------------------$16.00
Jeans --------------------------------------$9.00
Replace zipper ----------------------------$13.00 /lined $17.00
Other repairs quoted on an individual case.

Men's Pants

Waist in ----------------------------------$12.50
Waist out ---------------------------------$12.50
Seat --------------------------------------$15.00
Thigh -------------------------------------$15.00
Taper legs (knee down) -------------------$15.00

Women's Pants

Waist in ----------------------------------price quoted
Waist out ---------------------------------price quoted

Taper sides

Knee down ---------------------------------$15.00
Hip down ----------------------------------$15.00
Waist down --------------------------------price quoted


Shorten sleeves ---------------------------$10.00, w/cuff: $15.00

Skirt - Dress Alterations

Hem with vent -----------------------------$12.00 - lined: $15.00
Full skirt --------------------------------$15.00 - lined: $22.00
Wedding formals ---------------------------starting at $45.00

Coats - Hem

Raincoat ----------------------------------$30.00
Wool ---------------------------------------$35.00

Coat/Jacket Zippers

20" and under ------------------------------$1.00 per inch
21" and above ------------------------------price quoted
Leather Jackets ----------------------------starting at $35.00
(Additional charge for heavy duty zipper $8.00 - $10.00)

Suit Jackets and Blazer

Hem shortened, sleeves unlined ------------$12.00
lined --------------$15.00
lined w/vent and buttons ---$20.00
Lengthen unlined --------------------------$20.00
lined ----------------------------$22.00
lined w/vent and buttons ---------$25.00
Take in sides -----------------------------$25.00
w/lining -------------------------$30.00

Other Info

Taxes, shipping, and handling extra.
All tailoring or dressmaking must be seen before price quote.
All design and artwork is an additional charge.
Color swatches and sketches will be sent for pre-approval.
Any changes made after final approval are subject to additional charges.
Allow 4-6 weeks for custom work.
Our standard shop rate is $28.00 per hour.
THANK YOU! and please call if we can assist you.

To place an order or if you have any questions or ideas please call or visit us.

Cimone's Unlimited
Valerie Trainer - Owner
212 E. 5th St.
Waverly, Ohio 45690
Phone: 740-947-1459
Fax: 740-947-1469

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